Chris Shockowitz’s Silent Invasion

Sci-Fi book Silent Invasion which was inspired by true events concerning the Rwanda genocide, was born because author Chris Shockowitz is wondering why aliens would bother killing humans when we are doing a good job of it.

While most people would consider space science fiction books mostly about stories set on futuristic times using modern equipment’s and gadgets not yet invented or used in current times, contrary to popular opinion also dealt on social issues and oftentimes use as protest literature to talk against several social issues that hound the current time and situation.

James Cameron’s 2009 film Avatar is a protest against imperialism, particularly European colonization of the Americas. George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four is a protest against Totalitarian and Dictatorial leaders and governments. Barbarella starring the screen siren of the 60’s Jane Fonda ( a feminist Sci-Fi, but remembered more for its erotic or X-rated theme ) ironically, poses questions about social issues on how society views gender roles, the role of procreation plays in defining gender, and the inequitable political and personal power of one gender against the other.

While Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is seen by critics as a personal protest by the author against social alienation.

Modern Sci-Fi author Chris Shockowitz newly released Sci-fi book Silent Invasion was similarly conceptualized. This book stemmed mainly from a genocide in Rwanda – though a series of events led to the writing of this book.

Chris Shockowitz, – a new wave science fiction author – Silent Invasion and Colonizing Trappist  are not your usual recommended sci-fi books as these books incorporate several Subgenres in its stories.

It also provides underlying messages that is of concern in this current times and situations.

It deplores corruption not just by governments, but by powerful and giant conglomerates and corporations as well. And the weakness of government and political leaders who let themselves be intimidated and influenced through fear and greed.

It also criticizes imperialism by one superior group over the other. Mass slaughter or genocide by one powerful group over the other.

As a peace advocate Chris Shockowitz, who despises bloody conflicts that results on wholesale murder and death, still entertains the idea in his books for different alien species and humans to live side by side in peace. His books also deals with our serious but mundane concerns. Such as environmental issues, climate change and global warming.

Science Fiction ( Sci-Fi ) as compared to other genre in literature or fiction writing is considered a genre of speculative fiction or a literature of ideas. This is because space science fiction books deals primarily with imaginative and futuristic concepts in science and technology that so often is the guide and inspiration of many inventions and innovations in the field of science and technology.

H.G. Wells and Jules Verne two of the quintessential and pioneering modern sci-fi authors have envisioned the advent of the airplanes, military tanks, nuclear weapons, satellite television and the World Wide Web, long before its invention. Back then, when the concept of such inventions were introduced it was considered a fantasy by almost all people. Now, these technologies are considered common reality often taken for granted by today’s citizens.

In contrast to other literary genre or fiction writing, these recommended sci-fi books aside from providing the intended entertainment also generate a sense of wonder among its readers.

Science fiction is often observe to generate a “sense of awe” among its readers. Recommended sci-fi books, according to Science editor and critic David Hartwell lies in a combination of the rational, the believable and the miraculous.

But its main appeal lies in its imaginative and futuristic concepts and speculative realities with the intended purpose of improving our lives.

Modern sci-fi author Chris Shockowitz newly release books Silent Invasion and Colonizing Trappist are such books. As Chris Shockowitz described his books: All technology is feasible for the timeline.

In contrast also to most space science fiction books, his books also touch on the area of man’s humanity. He questions certain “leaders to capitalize on turmoil and kill thousands or millions of people.”

Chris Shockowitz other book also, “explores humanity’s journey into space and the ways we need to evolve to survive.

In Silent Invasion, Chris Shockowitz initial novel, while it was greatly influenced by the genocide in Rwanda, “explores a shocking first contact scenario.” It is also a criticism of present-day society.

Further, the story describe how humans react to the realization that extraterrestrials actually exists and are out to annihilate the entire human race.

Chris Shockowitz's Silent Invasion.
Silent Invasion by Chris Shockowitzs

Check out Chris Shockowitz Silent Invasion today, for a different Sci-Fi book with a heart and an underlying message that reminds us to take care of our planet more and to try to live with each other in relative peace.

His book, is a fresh addition to the growing population of new wave sci-fi authors, but undoubtedly is as unique as he is different.

For a more enjoyable wholesome and exciting space science books that is a good read for the entire family, please log on to Chris Shockowitz Silent Invasion.

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